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We eye the tag suspiciously, wondering who is going to know. We make jokes about it. We’re talking about the ‘Do Not Remove Under Penalty of Law,’ that obstreperous tag that threatens to sic the law on us if we rip it off our mattress or pillow.

At some point, we’ve all wondered why it’s on our mattress and why it’s insisting we can’t remove it. It’s attached for your benefit, and yes, you can rip it off while we tell you how it came to be there.

Back at the turn of the 20th century, even new mattresses were stuffed with whatever the mattress manufacturer could collect. This included old rags, newspapers, corn husks, animal hair, and anything else they could get their hands on. Back in the late 1890’s and early 1900’s manufacturer’s ‘recycled’ quite a lot of mattresses and mattress materials. Bad enough when you consider what an average mattress can collect, but also, back in those days, medicine didn’t yet offer didn’t offer standard vaccinations. So, mattresses could have the germs from a tuberculosis victim, or smallpox, or any number of deadly diseases.

We’ve mentioned before that even today, underhanded individuals have been known to take old mattresses, recover them and sell them as new. This isn’t a common practice, but it underscores the need to test the mattress before you buy it. Testing especially holds true for people with allergies, who are often allergic to the dust mites in used or ‘recycled’ beds.

Even a brand-name mattress made of the highest-quality materials should be tested for the same reason: If a customer tries a bed and his nose starts to run, he may be allergic to one or more of the materials used to make the bed. Similarly, a mattress should bring the utmost in comfort. The tag will contain a list of materials used in the production of the mattress, which should be well-noted if there is an allergic reaction.

Your mattress and bedding is a very personal thing. You will spend quite a lot of time in the bed, so it has to adhere to a standard. Holding bedding material to a level of adequacy isn’t pretentious.  Some individuals just can’t–and shouldn’t– tolerate a bed which is too soft or firm, sags, makes them sneeze or has been stored in a dusty environment.

We offer a free protector for all of our new mattresses. We feel that this provides a measure of preservation that a quality mattress deserves. But it all starts with a bed which complies with a set of specifications, specifications which are high enough that they can bear the tag, ‘Do Not Remove Under Penalty of Law.’

If you’re looking for a new mattress, or want to learn more about our financing options or product line, call us at our Biltmore store 602-912-4000 or our Paradise Valley Mall store 602-494-4000. We offer free delivery, free installation, free haul-away of the old bed, and a free mattress protector. 

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