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The Best Sleep Money Can Buy

The Grand Vividus is a continental bed combining a timeless and classic design with world-renowned designer Ferris Rafauli’s unique style. The Grand Vividus exudes luxury, quality and design without compromise to become a work of art for the bedroom. Handmade by the most esteemed craftsmen in Köping, Sweden.

For the best luxury mattress options, Sleep System offers the best selection as an exclusive Hästens and Kluft retailer. Our Sleep Specialists assist in a personal fitting session to find the right bed for their needs — either by appointment or walk-in to either of our two locations; Seville Shopping or DC Ranch.

Since everyone has specific needs and sleeping styles, there is no single correct answer. There are many factors to consider when it’s time to shop for a new bed system. The handmade luxury mattresses by Hästens, Vispring, and Kluft have different layers of construction using premium, sustainably sourced materials to provide comfort and support for all sleeping styles and needs. 

The best mattress is based on personal comfort, and the Sleep Specialists at Sleep System are experts in helping customers find the bed for their most comfortable sleep imaginable!

When you purchase a handmade luxury mattress or bed system, the manufacturer has gone to great lengths to create a very specific product, it’s not a simple bed. A bed system by Hästens, Kluft, or Vispring will last many years more than a typical mattress available online or in a big box store.

All of our brands use premium materials, designed to work in harmony with each other as well as your body’s specific needs. If you have issues with your back, shoulders, or snoring, there are firmness and material choices to consider as well as bed size.

The high-end models use hand-scrunched horsetail for superior loft and support in addition to layers of foams and latex. Luxury fabrics made from silk, wool, and cotton also contribute to the comfort and durability of the mattress. Tufting by hand assures the utmost attention to details of construction, thereby making your new mattress the product of gifted artisans, not a machine.

A new handmade luxury mattress is an investment in your well-being, as well as a great night’s sleep.

These are all standard measurements used in the mattress industry: Twin Mattress = 38” x 75”
Twin XL Mattress = 38” x 80”
Full Mattress = 53” x 75”
Queen Mattress = 60” x 80”
King Mattress = 76” x 80”
California King Mattress = 72” x 84”
Please note, because all mattresses made by our manufacturers are handmade, there is an allowed +/- 1 ½” tolerance. Measurements are taken from the bottom of the mattress or foundation and are taken from edge to edge or side to side.

What are the construction features of each mattress brand that offer optimum support for the back and body?
What are the materials and layers used in each mattress brand that offer the best comfort?

A mattress with innerspring construction uses tempered coils that retain strength and prevent sagging.
All mattresses should meet Federal Flammability guidelines, including the use of barrier fabric and/or fiber versus chemical treatment.
There are three main types of mattresses: traditional innerspring using tempered coils, a hybrid made with half foam and half springs and lastly made entirely of latex or mattress foam.

The parent brand, E.S. Kluft & Company, utilizes two American-based factories for their handmade bed systems: a facility in Pennsylvania that supplies East coast retailers, and a manufacturing plant in California that services the West coast retailers.

The tempered steel coils offer the base support in the mattress overall. The thinner, more flexible steel Micro coils are utilized in the comfort layer which is closer to the top surface, providing excellent relief from pressure and adding to comfort. As one might expect, all-steel coils in a Kluft-made mattress are resilient and very durable, and not prone to body impressions. 

We use the term “bed system” based on the fact that our handmade mattresses are made to perform in the most satisfactory way when paired with the foundation made by the same manufacturer. Therefore, it is highly recommended to purchase both at the same time.
But, if your box spring/foundation is not old, does not exhibit any signs of sagging, and will provide excellent support for a new mattress, it should be alright. If your old foundation is not supportive, your new mattress will suffer a decrease in comfort and proper support for sleeping.
The Kluft mattress warranty shall be in effect when using your old foundation/box spring but only if it meets the requirements stated in the warranty. If your old foundation is inadequate in any way, the new mattress warranty can be voided.
An important thing to consider is that any new mattress will feel different when used on a foundation other than on which it was displayed at your retailer.

There are many models in the Kluft lineup. The top-of-the-line, Royal Ascent uses the most luxurious materials available, justifiably reflected in the price. While each model is made by the hands of skilled artisans, none skimp on luxury or comfort. The integrity of the Kluft brand is fully represented in every mattress and foundation.

The collections range from incorporating traditional engineering or using an innovative system of hand-compressed coils and tufting by hand called the Kluft Standard™. This patented design includes an unrestricted coil system that creates the optimum fit for the sleeper resulting in superior support.

Whether the interior core support is provided by coils, foam, or Latex, each Kluft model employs the highest quality of natural, eco-friendly, modern state-of-the-art fabrics and components. Each mattress is crafted by hand to make sure that every detail is superlative to provide the look of luxury and comfort you expect as a discerning client.

The mattress in the store is a floor display. Generally, a displayed mattress has been on display for a long time with quite a bit of wear and tear, whereas yours has not. Due to the many-body impressions that have tested the mattress, the comfort materials in the displayed mattress have settled.

Like the performance cars in the past, a new mattress needs a little time to adjust to your body as the new fabrics and inner materials loosen up a little. You need a little patience as your body adjusts to your new bed system, too. It may feel very different from your old bed, but soon you will understand what a luxury mattress does for your overall sleep quality and you may find excuses to go to bed early!

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