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Hästens: Be awake for the first time in your life

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Sweet dreams, from Hästens

As one of the world’s finest bedmakers for over 170 years, Hästens is renowned for handcrafted bespoke mattresses tailormade to the individual. Each bed has its own personality and comfort profile determined by the number of layers, chosen materials, and assemblage methods. The question is, which bed makes you feel your best?

Therefore, we are Arizona’s foremost experts on identifying and acquiring the perfect Hästens bed for each client. Our Sleep Specialists are skilled at fitting you to the custom-crafted luxury Hästens sleep solution of your dreams—the perfect bed made just for you—to improve your health, personal satisfaction, and physical well-being.

We invite you to visit our exclusive showroom to experience the Hästens Sleep System difference. Feel free to take your time. After all, you’re choosing the bed you’ll be sleeping in for the rest of your life.

A passion for beds handed down through six generations

Hästens is a family company inspired by the virtues of sleep and driven by a commitment to craftsmanship.

A character all its own

Each handmade Hästens bed is a singular creation, a one-of-a-kind masterwork from the hands of its maker. With their passion, craftsmanship, and attention to detail, these artisans form layers of natural materials into a custom original, each one as unique as its eventual owner.

Luxury that’s only natural

In a world where most things are made by machine, Hästens stands out as being made by nature. You won’t find latex, plastic foam, rubber, or polyurethane in these beds. Only natural materials, like clean horsehair, cotton, flax, pure wool, and slowly grown pine from the north of Sweden. After all, you are part of nature. What is more natural than sleeping in it?

Form follows function

Beneath the classic blue check fabric lies hidden genius in sleep design and innovation. Each Hästens bed features its own advanced interconnected system of natural materials, joined by hand with the layer-upon-layer technique devised by Hästens and perfected through six generations. You can see and feel this progressive European design philosophy in every bed.
Sleep System Store Hästens Cotton Blue Check A Fabric

There is a handmade Hästens just for you.

Grand Vividus

Life Well Lived


Hästens’ second most exclusive bed


In a world full of dreamers
Starting at $66,780


The bed of all our beds
Starting at $56,980


Three spring systems to take you to a higher dimension of relaxation
Starting at $41,980


The epitome of cloud-like comfort
Starting at $29,980


The bed that unites sturdiness with fluffiness
Starting at $19,980

A most accommodating bed

For the ultimate in customized flexibility, a Hästens Adjustable bed is eminently adaptable to suit any comfort demand. Raising and lowering the head and foot ends with remote or smartphone app, it responds to your desires quickly, quietly, and oh-so supplely. Beneath the mattress fabric lies the same uncompromising quality materials found in all Hästens beds, crafted into 28 individual layers, and reinforced where you need it, for a truly supportive and accommodating rest.

Starting at $34,980

Sleep System Store Hästens Adjustable Mattress and base
Sleep System Store Hästens Bed Skirts

Why Choose HäStens?

First and foremost, Hästens is known for its exceptional craftsmanship and use of natural materials, which provide unparalleled comfort and support. Moreover, Hästens mattresses are designed with a network of interworking springs, ensuring optimal comfort and support for a restful night’s sleep.

The brand’s popularity is its commitment to quality. Hästens mattresses are made from the finest materials, such as horsehair, wool, cotton, and other natural materials, without the use of latex or memory foam. This focus on high-end natural materials and craftsmanship makes Hästens an ultra-luxury brand that stands out in the market.

Sleep System Store White Glovery Delivery Team and Truck

White glove delivery and setup

To complete your Sleep System Store experience, we offer premium White Glove Delivery Service that includes courteous and professional installation of your new sleep system and removal of your former mattress. This service is performed by in-house staff trained in each of our luxury mattress lines — including a fine carpenter who is skilled in making any required customized adjustments — rather than a third-party delivery company. We are proud to make this exclusive service available to our Sleep System Store customers.

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