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During the holidays, shopping, parties and visiting family members can make it hard for people to get enough quality rest. But with planning, even the busiest holiday reveler can get enough sleep. Here we are going to offer some suggestions to help you and your family enjoy the season without exhaustion. No one wants to be tired and grumpy!

Stay positive

You may have to tolerate grouchy Aunt Aunt Edna or your ex-wife when you hand off the kids, but that doesn’t mean you have to let them bait you into an argument or scene. Mentally prepare your stance of silence when they throw out the hook. Some people compare those types of situations with driving through the forest. No matter how tempted you are, don’t feed the bears! Pat yourself on the back when you escape without feeding negative people’s need for drama or a scene.

Avoid substance sorrows

Whether it’s caffeine, alcohol, sugar, overeating, or something else, if you know certain ingestibles make it hard for you to sleep later or will disrupt your sleep patterns, consider moderation just until the holidays are over. If you have acid reflux, resist the temptation to eat that second piece of pie if you’re going to pay for it later, and be careful not to eat too close to bedtime.


Exercise promotes healthy sleep, providing you aren’t one of those people who can’t exercise too close to bedtime. The rule used to be that people needed to put some distance between their workout and sleeping, but newer research exhorts the benefits of paying attention to your own body to decide on the time you exercise.

Avoid running around

The old days of running yourself to exhaustion trying to cross off everything on your shopping list are over. Companies aren’t waiting until Black Friday or even Thanksgiving to put their wares on sale. Gifts and food can be purchased online and delivered to your home.  Even private driving companies such as Uber and Lyft are available to take your family members to Sky Harbor when they need to catch a plane. In short, the chores which used to create stress and eat up chunks of time during the holidays have lessened considerably. Take advantage of them and make this the most relaxing season ever!

Make your bed a refuge

That late night snack will be just as tasty in the kitchen, we promise! Other things people should avoid doing in bed? Watching TV, playing computer games, working, homework, or other ‘productive’ tasks, which can confuse your body when it’s time to retire to bed for sleep.

We hope we have given you some tips which you can use to help you and your family stay well rested and healthy throughout the holiday season.  If you’re looking for a new mattress, or want to learn more about our financing options or product line, call us at our Biltmore store 602-912-4000 or our Paradise Valley Mall store 602-494-4000. We offer free delivery, free installation, free haul away of the old bed, and a complimentary mattress protector.

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