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When choosing a mattress size, there are some factors to take into consideration. Here we examine some of those elements in the hope it will help you choose the right mattress for your circumstances.

Before we do that, it’s helpful to have the approximate dimensions of each mattress. (As a note, there are slight variations in dimensions among manufacturers.)

Twin  39 X 74 (or 38 X75)
XL Twin   39 X 80
Full  54 X 74
Queen  60 X 80
California Queen 60  x 84
King 76 X 80 (6’3” X 6’6”)
California King  72 X 84 (6’ X 7’)

If you notice, a California King is not as wide as a regular King, but it’s quite a bit longer. As you explore your options, it’s best to keep the following things in mind:

The amount of space in the room

While this may seem obvious, it’s a little more complicated than it first appears. For one thing, the room may have things like dressers and closets which will need to be accessed. But, here’s the rub: being able to open some drawers might not be as important as high-quality sleep. For some customers, the solution to this was to get rid of the furniture instead of sacrificing much-needed bed space.

“My husband has restless leg syndrome,” Barbara D. explained. “Feeling the motion of his legs moving all night wasn’t working for me. So, when we bought a King-sized bed to replace the Queen size, I got rid of the dresser. Now, I hang everything in the closet–underclothing included. It’s been well worth it to me to get a good night’s sleep!”

Physical considerations

Tall people, people with back or neck problems, and people such as bodybuilders require extra space in the bed, especially if they share it with someone else. Like Barbara D.’s husband, people who move around quite a bit or are light sleepers also need more expanse.

Tall people need added length because a 6’4” person can’t sleep in a shared 6’6” long bed, which is the length of a typical Queen or King sized mattress. The reason is that if they’ll need enough room to put their head on the pillow and still be able to stretch out without having their feet hanging off the bottom of the bed or the sheets untucked. Being curled up will eventually cause back and neck issues. If they sleep alone, they can stretch out at an angle, but even that isn’t ideal.

Who’s been sleeping in your bed? Or might be?

Like the old fairy tale, this question should be answered honestly. If you have small children and know they will make a nocturnal appearance on a regular basis, or if you have pets who sleep in your bed, you’ll need to calculate some space for them when you size the bed. One lady told us she needed a Queen size because the Full size was too short to accommodate her cat. “He sleeps at the foot of my bed, but if I accidentally kick him in my sleep, he bites my toes!”

While budgetary considerations may be a factor, it should be noted that a smaller, better-quality bed may provide a better sleep experience than a lower-quality, larger bed. A careful look at your needs and what kind of payment fits into your budget is well spent time before you go bed shopping.

Getting a bed which fits your size requirements can be a challenge, but it’s a worthy effort, since getting sound sleep affects everyone’s life in a positive manner.

Sweet dreams!

If you’re looking for a new mattress, or want to learn more about our financing options or product line, call us at our Biltmore store 602-912-4000 or our Paradise Valley Mall store 602-494-4000. We offer free delivery, free installation, free haul away of the old bed, and a free mattress protector. 

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