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In the excitement of buying a fabulous, brand-new bed, unless you get an adjustable bed with a base, you’re probably going to have to ponder the question of how to find the bed frame which perfectly matches your needs.  Because in the process of buying a bed, a frame can be adapted to suit many needs and functions. Think of the frame as the tool which combines the mattress and the headboard and footboard with height, firmness, and storage solutions.

Make it match

Regardless of the type of frame you choose, the frame has to match the mattress and box spring. In fact, you may already have a frame, in which case, you need the measurements in order to buy the right sized mattress. There can be no mistake in this regard.

Metal or platform

You may decide you want a combination mattress/box spring with a metal frame, or you may go with a platform. There are several elements which should be taken into consideration to determine which of these is the most suitable. Regardless, a frame will make it easier to get in and out of bed, provide support for the mattress, and help protect your investment by keeping it off the floor.

The headboard

The material of the headboard can be of some importance when choosing the frame. Decorative, metal or wood headboards, crucial to your decor, can be grand and beautiful things which may come as part of the frame or need a frame with which to attach them. In the case of a headboard which has a matching footboard, the frame may require an adapter to connect the footboard to the bed.

Benefits of a platform  frame

There are several reasons to consider a platform base. A platform without a box spring will create and strong and stable bed. A platform base with a box spring will add height to the bed, which can be magnificent with certain types of decor. If you have a child with a penchant for jumping on their bed, a platform frame takes 95% of the fun out of jumping. If the room is small, a platform offers space beneath the bed for storage, whether it’s drawers or something else, without using any additional space

Benefits of a metal frame

The benefits of a metal frame include the versatility with which it can adapt to a variety of headboards, and the lower height it will provide if the mattress has a matching box spring. A metal frame offers excellent support and breathability for the box spring, (compared to some types of platform). A metal frame can also be put on wheels, allowing for relative ease of movement for cleaning, compared to a platform, which will not be moved.

Regardless of which type of frame you choose, keeping these factors in mind will help you make a wise, suitable choice in a frame.You’ll love having a new bed, and a frame which provides you with the options you want will add to the quality of your sleep and decor.

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