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Hastens Home


This company has been around since 1852 with one single idea in mind: Passion. It’s a passion for beds. A passion that has made Hästens march their own way for six generations and made the company number one in the world to build beds by hand from natural materials. A passion that’s all about you.

Instead of looking for the cheapest materials for their beds, they look for ways to give you the best sleep money can buy. So, instead of using artificial materials to mimic nature, they use nature itself. In a Hästens bed, you won’t find any latex, plastic foam, rubber, or polyurethane; instead, you find clean horsehair, cotton, flax, wool, and pure wood, slowly grown pine from the north of Sweden.

Vispring Luxury Mattress


Made for unlimited luxury. These weightlessly comfortable and exclusively finished mattresses are handmade by our most experienced bed makers. Every material is sourced from the rarest place. And every stitch is expertly threaded. The end result is a mattress collection that has to be felt to be understood. The culmination of over 100 years’ work. Visprings’ best yet.

Kluft Mattress Brand


For those who live without compromise, Kluft mattresses are inspired by New York luxury, and three generations of Kluft’s world-class master artisans.

Deftly tailored with the finest materials, artistry, and precision, Kluft craftsmanship sets the universal standard for sophistication and refinement for a perfect sleep that has been over a century in the making. Reward yourself with the experience of a Kluft mattress.

Hästens Accessories


Hästens accessories include headboards and covers, bed legs, bed skirts, bed linen, down pillows and quilts, mattress protectors, pajamas and down boots, and a stunning children’s collection. All are made from natural materials.

Visit our Scottsdale showroom to experience the best of Hästens accessories.

Sleep System is Arizona’s exclusive retailer of Hästens, Vispring, and Kluft handmade mattresses. Visit our store to try their Aireloom luxury beds

Great service, they answered all of my questions and had a nice selection to try. I feel like I got the best price on the bed I was looking at. I was surprised with the delivery process. They were fast and very professional. Highly recommend!
Louis C.
Camelback East Village, AZ
We received awesome service and had so many quality options to choose from. It was refreshing to ask questions without sales tactics and high pressure responses. Highly recommend them if you are searching for help understanding what type of mattress is best for you! We are in love with our new bed!
Leah H.
San Francisco,CA