Our Community

Our Community


working closesly with genesis city.

genesis city is reclaiming
the promise of arizona’s youth

An urgent and timely mission

Since its inception in 1991, Genesis City has provided hope and a new beginning to over 8,000 of the most disadvantaged teenagers in Maricopa County. Genesis City is a 501(C))(3) youth services charity that serves to strengthen communities. Genesis provides poverty level 14-21 year olds, the majority of whom are the first in their families to graduate from high school, the opportunity to re-access the education pipeline and blossom into successful community members.

Genesis graduates become “Trailblazers” for their families and inspire the disengaged youth in their neighborhoods as they forge their successful path to college and careers. Many Genesis City alumni who had given up hope, have graduated from colleges and vocational programs and are now working in well paid careers all over the Valley. Genesis City’s innovative programs break the cycle of poverty and contribute to the economic and social welfare of Metropolitan Phoenix.

Genesis City is an expert in the field of inspiring disenfranchised youth to reach their full potential.

Oftentimes, youth who are struggling with socioeconomic barriers give up on their dreams of a brighter future and drop out of school. These teenagers find themselves caught in a downward spiral of despair and hopelessness. Their sense of fatalism, coupled with a lack of educational opportunity, can lead fragile teenagers to substance abuse, unwanted pregnancy, self-harm, crime and even suicide. Genesis City ‘s innovative support services reclaim the promise of Arizona’s disenfranchised youth by providing them with the opportunity and tools they need to reach their true potential. Genesis City taps into a deep reservoir of talent by providing support services to those youth who are fortunate enough to find their way through Genesis City’s doors.

Genesis City Youth Give Back to Their Communities

Genesis City Services

  • Career Exploration
  • Character Education, Counseling and Mentoring
  • College Preparation and Advisement
  • Community Service and Civic Engagement
  • College and Career Readiness Training
  • Credit Recovery Programs
  • Fine Arts and Theatre
  • Health and Fitness Programs
  • Intensive Skills Remediation
  • Job Readiness Training and Placement
  • Life Planning and Goal Setting
  • Health and Physical Fitness Programs
  • Rigorous Traditional Instruction
  • Social Service Referrals

Program Demographics

  • 99% Minority
  • 95% at or below poverty level
  • 15% teenage parents
  • 20% Intermittently Homeless
  • 24% work an average of 32 hours per week
  • 50% victims of crime or abuse
  • 68% first generation high school graduates

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