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Aireloom San Francisco Luxetop Firm

San Francisco

Luxetop Firm with Topper

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For maximum comfort and support the Aireloom San Francisco Luxetop Firm™ mattress features the Patented Aireloom Lift™ in combination with two layers of Talalay Latex, two layers of micro-coils and eight pounds of organic cotton for an unparalleled night’s sleep.

The San Francisco is available in Queen, King and California King.

Aireloom Mattresses

About 75 years ago, Hollywood’s glamor inspired Aireloom founder King Karpen to create the first handmade luxury mattress. Today, we pay homage to his timeless craftsmanship with Aireloom’s collection of mattresses. These plush, opulent beds mix classic Hollywood glamor with modern innovation to deliver a timeless sleep experience.

The Preferred Collection blends unprecedented design with next-generation materials. It features a luxurious Tercel multi-stretch knit panel and a border treatment that consists of a handsome cotton trademarked Pacific Plaid.

When you lie down on an Aireloom mattress, your dreams become a reality. The mattress material is hand-selected for outstanding durability and comfort. Each mattress layer is integral for immense support and relaxation, and a true artisan tailors each stitch.

Now, our Patented Aireloom Lift will conform to your body to help transform an ordinary night’s sleep into pure perfection.

Why Should You Choose a Mattress from Aireloom?

There may be no better choice for those who demand the best sleep possible than Aireloom mattresses from the Sleep System Store.

Many satisfied sleepers have provided Aireloom mattress reviews that highlight the true value of an Aireloom mattress over the years.

We serve as Scottdale’s premier mattress supplier and will not be undersold. And when it comes time to find a new mattress for your apartment, condo, or home, we can provide you with the expert guidance you need to select the Aireloom mattress of your dreams.

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Your mattress serves as a mainstay in your bedroom, so you’ll want to do everything possible to ensure your mattress can help you get the Zzz’s you need. With assistance from the Sleep System Store’s mattress professionals, you can enjoy a superb mattress shopping experience.

We’re committed to delivering the perfect mattress shopping experience. You’re guaranteed to receive amazing support from our sleep consultants, who understand the importance of a great night’s sleep.

Each of our sleep consultants boasts in-depth experience and training on the latest sleep brands and technologies. Our sleep consultants know the ins and outs of Aireloom latex mattress, Aireloom King mattress, Aireloom queen mattress, and other Aireloom products. That way, our sleep consultants can help you find the right mattress without delay.

The Sleep System Store offers many mattresses from Aireloom, and we regularly update our mattress inventory. Therefore, you can choose from dozens of superior mattresses from Aireloom any time you choose.

Browse our massive selection of Aireloom mattresses today, and you’re sure to find a mattress that delivers the ideal blend of comfort and support.


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