Whispering Pines Super Pillow Top

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Whispering Pines Super Pillow Top

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Individually Wrapped Coil Innerspring

  • Hundreds of individually wrapped coils work independently to conform to the body, responding to pressure and providing extra support where you need it most.

Compatible with Adjustable Base

  • This mattress is compatible with an Active Base (sold separately). Whether you are purchasing your adjustable bed base for health reasons, to read, write, watch TV more comfortably, or simply to get a better night’s sleep, this mattress is designed to support your active lifestyle.

FlexBand™ Memory Foam

  • This special memory foam layer located in the center of the mattress is designed to enhance the mattress support system where your body needs it most.

Foam Encasement

  • A border of high-density foam encases the innerspring system to provide additional edge support. This expands the sleeping surface all the way to the edge and helps prevent sagging and rolling off the sides of the mattress.

Gel Active™ Memory Foam

  • This exclusive liquid gel-enhanced memory foam is designed for significantly increased airflow which helps move heat away from your body. Plus, it gently conforms to the body to provide enhanced cushioning and help reduce the pressure points that cause tossing and turning. Finally, the unique design of the material gives it enhanced durability compared to other similar gel memory foams, for lasting comfort and support.

Gentle Support™ Aire

  • This ultra-soft foam provides enhanced cushioning for exceptional comfort. Plus, its unique rippling design promotes enhanced airflow to help reduce heat build-up.
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