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February is the month of love and romance, and to celebrate the occasion, we’re going to talk about ways to make a bedroom romantic.


If your floor looks like the movie where the guy leaves rose petals for his girl, but instead of rose petals, it’s a trail of dirty clothes to the bed, that is going to kill the romance immediately. So, clean your room, dust everything, and run the vacuum, because grit and cobwebs just aren’t sexy. Cleaning is the essential thing.

Make the bed beautiful

If you chose your bed, it should offer just the right amount of comfort. That in itself has a lot going for it, but nothing says ‘I love you!” quite like lots of soft, fluffy pillows and crisp, clean sheets. (Oprah likes hers ironed.) You may also want to decorate your bed with decorative pillows, but at a certain point, it becomes cluttered, so watch for that. If you want, go all-out and purchase a cozy down comforter or topper.

Soft lighting

Good lighting is terrific when you’re reading or chopping vegetables, but spotlight or interrogation lighting isn’t conducive to romance. Try soft, twinkling lights or candles behind the bed or on the dressing table. If you don’t have anywhere you’d feel comfortable using candles (as a fire would probably not be romantic), use the dollar store battery versions. They twinkle enough that no one minds they aren’t the real thing.

Use your scents

Couples have a fragrance the same way they have a song. Use yours, but with a gentle hand: no one wants to be sneezing, coughing or blowing their nose. The odor from the cat box is anti-romance.


The temperature of the room should be cool but not cold. No one wants to be sweaty, but icy feet are equally unpleasant. Some people benefit from a ceiling fan, others from a freshly washed comforter. You may need both since two people often disagree on what is a comfortable temperature.

Things that aren’t romantic:

  • Most electronics, such as a cell phone, a laptop, and a tv set. Hide these items out of the bedroom. The exception?  Music is okay, but try to avoid rap and sad country western songs.
  • Get rid of the clutter. Hide the half-read horror novel and the knitting. Ditch the knick-knacks and toiletries put the empty hangers away, and file the paperwork. When in doubt, take it out.
  • Photographs of your mom, his mom, or anyone who isn’t one of the two of you are not romantic.
  • The cat, dog, or any pet toys need to be in a different room. The same is true for children and children’s playthings, medicines, or other items.
  • Avoid odors such as the cat box, urine from the diaper pail, or even the smell of fast food or food preparation. Keep the bedroom door shut during cooking if you know it’s an issue.

Creating a romantic bedroom starts with having a quality, comfortable bed. You can make a comfortable bed more comfortable, but you can only make an uncomfortable bed less uncomfortable. 

Above all, focus on your partner and the time you spend together, with as few distractions as possible. We hope you have the most romantic Valentine’s Day ever.

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