Top 9 Reasons CEOs Buy The Best Luxury Mattress in Scottsdale

The Right Mattress for The Ultimate Decision-Maker

Top 9 reasons why Fortune 500 CEOs buy the best luxury mattress at Sleep System Store in Scottsdale. Make the right decisions while having a great night’s sleep

The Fortune 500 CEO's secret to a good night's sleep

Being the ultimate decision-maker in your day job requires the best bed for a good night’s sleep. At the Sleep System, the top three​ mattress brands in the world are found in our showroom!

Each night you’ll sleep well knowing you’ve prioritized your health and wellness by choosing the best luxury mattress that’s custom-fit to your body.

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We Make It Easy

We understand you have limited time that's why we make the buying process super simple.

World-Class Selection

Only The Best

You'll find the top 3 luxury brands at our Scottsdale showroom: Hästens, Vispring, and Kluft.

Customer Service

100% Focused on YOU!

Our team of sleep specialists focuses on the best fit for you.

Convenient Location

In the Heart of Scottsdale

Our luxury showroom is conveniently located right off of North Scottsdale Road; easy access from Phoenix, Paradise Valley, and Chandler

White Glove Delivery

End to End Experts

We've invested in branded delivery trucks and have trained a team of expert installation technicians.

9 Reasons Why CEOs Shop at the Sleep System Store

Sleep System Store Easy Shopping


Hassle-free Shopping

The Sleep System Store specializes in working with top Fortune 500 CEOs, physicians, high-ranking officials, and others whose job relies on critical decision-making. Our sleep experts understand running a large global company is an exceedingly complex job that takes a vast amount of time. That’s why we have a dedicated sleep specialist for our top clients. Most C-Level clients require the soundest sleep to ensure they are sharp and on their game during the day. We know you value a good night’s rest, and the Sleep System Store makes the mattress shopping experience easy and hassle-free.


World-class selection

We know what true luxury feels and looks like. Our showroom boasts the top 3 brands in the world: Hästens, Vispring, and Kluft. Our entire collection of beds is handmade by artisans with quality natural materials. We have all the confidence that you’ll find the best luxury mattress right here at our Scottsdale location.

Sleep System Store World Class Hästens


Top-notch service

We have the most experienced sleep professionals on the planet. We have perfected our process of custom-fitting mattresses to help you get the best night of sleep possible.

Our team is meticulously trained by the manufacturer allowing us to own the knowledge needed to answer all of your questions. Let our experts help you make the right decision.


A discrete, private custom experience

In some cases, our clients require privacy. We offer after-hours or closed-door consultations. The Sleep System Store accommodates your schedule to make your shopping experience as seamless and discrete as possible.

Sleep System Store Luxury Mattresses
Sleep System Store Attention to Detail


Attention to detail

Our sleep specialists assist in every detail of your sleep system. From the myriad of natural fabric choices to the headboard, our team relishes in helping you realize your vision of creating the most important foundation for your overall well-being; the perfect sleep.


Convenient location

We are located at 7001 North Scottsdale Road Suite 120 at the Seville Shopping Center, an easy drive from Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Peoria,  Gold Canyon, and Chandler.

New stores are planned and coming soon near you. 

Sleep System Store Ext April 2022


In-house White glove delivery

Most mattress stores outsource their delivery service. At the Sleep System Store, we went a step further and invested in our own branded delivery trucks and trained a team of installation technicians. Our white glove delivery technicians’ knowledge, professionalism, and attentiveness are a major differentiator from our competitors! The team is adept at decretion, setup, and flawlessly taking away your old bed. 


Generations of luxury retail experience

The combined experience of our team equates to multiple generations. That experience is put to work for you in a noticeable, genuine way.

Sleep System Store’s customer service is second-to-none in the valley. We offer an outstanding shopping experience from the beginning and beyond with world-class luxury mattress customer care.

Sleep System Store Entrance
Hästens Grand Vividus Rafauli (1)


Arizona’s Exclusive showroom of Hästens Grand Vividus and Vividus

Originally custom-designed for music legend Drake, the Grand Vividus carries the moniker ‘The most expensive bed in the world’. Master designer Ferris Rafauli teamed up with Sweden’s premier luxury bed manufacturer, Hästens, to meticulously design the Grand Vividus. This bed symbolizes the pinnacle of sophistication and luxury and is only found at the Sleep System Store.

The Best Decisions Are Often Made After A Good Night's Sleep

Sleep System Store offers the best handmade mattresses in the world.

Having a solid night of sleep means you’re better positioned to be the most optimal version of yourself creating a positive effect on your business or practice. When you have a robust sleep schedule, you have a better ability to be present and focused on the task at hand, which leads to better decisions and better results. No matter what industry or field you’re in, the ability to be at your best is critical to being successful.

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Better Sleep Leads to Rational Decision Making, Study Says

In 2001, the SLEEP journal published a study on how sleep deprivation elevates the expectation of “winning” or having a favorable outcome. Sleep-deprived participants were more likely to make risky decisions if the payoff was high. While the number of high-risk decisions didn’t increase, the expectation for a higher reward did.

This type of phenomenon is common in gambling. It can also be a problem in everyday life. If you’re responsible for a company, you may make risky decisions hoping for a higher reward. Less sleep also means your brain is less aware of loss—you could make a high-risk decision, only focused on the reward and not fully considering the consequences if you lose.

Having a solid night of sleep means you’re better positioned to be the most optimal version of yourself creating a positive effect on your business or practice.

Being the ultimate decision-maker in your day job means you require the best bed for a good night’s sleep.

Each night you’ll sleep well knowing you’ve prioritized your health and wellness by choosing the best luxury mattress.