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Sooner or later, it’s time to get another bed. A new bed can be something of an investment, not only regarding being a piece of furniture but also as an investment in sleep quality. It’s understandable for people to want to make economically wise choices, especially if the family is struggling fiscally. Since most people will spend more time in bed than they do in their automobile, office chair, recliner, or anywhere else, it’s essential that the quality of the sleeping experience is as good as it can be.

People aren’t afraid to sleep in a motel, right? So why not buy a used mattress? Here are some things to consider before making a used bed purchase.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are an epidemic, and incredibly difficult to get rid of once they appear in the home. Many people don’t know where and how to check a mattress for bed bug activity, or would even recognize a bed bug if they saw one.

One solution is to cover the used mattress with a bedbug proof cover. While these covers can be uncomfortable and noisy, they will protect the home from escaping bed bugs as long as the cover isn’t removed or get a puncture for eighteen months. The cover, an added expense to the cost of a used bed, has to be in place before the bed is introduced into the home.

It’s lottery money

A used mattress is never returnable. That means you’re playing the lottery with the money you spend. If it has an odor, sags, or you happen to be allergic to the materials, there isn’t any recourse.


Mattress building technology has come a long way in just a few short years. The modern methods of bed construction are magnificent compared to their older counterparts. In addition, you choose the firmness and materials which best suit your needs.

Accelerated aging

Even if you can get a mattress from a friend or relative for free, and even though the mattress is currently comfortable, once that bed gets to be 5-7 years old, the fibers of the building materials will begin to decompose. So, essentially, you’re borrowing it for a little while with the understanding that you’re going to be the one to dispose of it.

What could that beautiful bed Uncle Ernie has offered you for free be hiding? Allergens, for one.

Lack of choices

That bed your Uncle Ernie is giving you may be less than two years old, bed bug-free and from a fabulous, well cared-for smoke-free home. But, Uncle Ernie’s needs in a bed might not be anywhere close to what you need in a bed. Choices such as size, firmness, and construction materials have already been made without regard to your body type, comfort needs, etc.


A bed should have a reasonable amount of use left in it, be clean, in good shape, the correct size,  and not cause an allergic reaction or have vermin. For these reasons, it’s challenging to find a used bed which can fulfill all of the requirements and also offer the level of comfort the occupants need to sleep well.

If you want a new, high-quality bed, but don’t think you can afford it, let us surprise you! Come talk to us about our phenomenal no-interest financing options at the Sleep System Store in Biltmore Fashion Park (602-912-4000) or in Paradise Valley Mall (602-494-4000). 

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