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Sleep System Store Vispring Masterpiece Superb Mattress

Vispring Beds, Heavenly Sleep

Every Vispring Mattress is hand-filled with the softest natural material. Every stitch is expertly threaded. Individually made pocket springs that support every roll and wriggle. And incredible finishes for unparalleled comfort. Weightlessly comfortable and exquisitely crafted, a Vispring bed is handmade by artisans steeped in tradition and profoundly dedicated to giving you an exceptional sleep experience that has no equal.

We are Arizona’s foremost experts on sourcing and specifying the Vispring bed you desire. Our Sleep Specialists are skilled at fitting you to the custom-crafted luxury sleep solution of your dreams—the perfect bed made just for you—to improve your health, personal satisfaction, and physical wellbeing.

We invite you to visit our exclusive showroom to experience the Vispring difference. Come in, lie down, and rest up. You may be here a while.

The finest handmade beds. 100 years in the making.

A bespoke bed by Vispring is a guarantee of supreme luxury and untroubled sleep.

A character all its own

Vispring invented the pocket spring in 1901 and has been the leading specialist in the technology ever since. Each spring is still made the same way, with lengths of high-grade durable vanadium steel wound six times before they’re individually wrapped in natural calico pockets. Every Vispring Mattress is fit with a unique selection of tensions and layers to offer a broad range of sleeping options.

Sleep System Store Vispring handmade with Natural Materials
Sleep System Store Vispring Made with Natural Materials

Only the finest will do

Cashmere, Tussiah silk, fine horsehair, alpaca, bamboo — Vispring searches the planet for the most luxurious and sustainable natural materials. Feathery, fluffy, smooth, and light — every fiber is downy-soft and treated with care to ensure a comfort that goes beyond anything you may have ever experienced.

Every Vispring and stitch made for you

We all sleep in our own way. Everyone is unique, so our Vispring mattresses are, too. If you know the type of mattress you like to sleep on, simply choose from the three Vispring collections. If you’d rather customize every element, our master bedmakers can tailor each component for you, from fabrics and finishes to spring tension and beyond.

Diamond Majesty

Exceptional Craftsmanship
Starting at $71,000

Masterpiece Superb

Made exclusively from natural fillings
Starting at $38,000

Signatory Superb

Perfectly paired with theStatesman Divan
Starting at $26,500

Cashmere Superb

The ultimate in softness and support
Starting at $23,000

Sublime Superb

Silk, mohair, and wool for a full-body calm
Starting at $18,500

Tiara Superb

Silk, mohair, and wool for a full-body calm
Starting at $12,000
Sleep System Store White Glovery Delivery Team and Truck

White glove delivery and setup

To complete your Sleep System Store experience, we offer premium White Glove Delivery Service that includes courteous and professional installation of your new sleep system and removal of your former mattress. This service is performed by in-house staff trained in each of our luxury mattress lines — including a fine carpenter who is skilled in making any required customized adjustments — rather than a third-party delivery company. We are proud to make this exclusive service available to our Sleep System Store customers.

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