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In our last blog, we talked about reasons not to buy a used mattress. Interestingly enough, the reasons to buy a new mattress don’t encompass the reasons not to buy a used one. Here are some reasons to buy a new mattress. Some of them may surprise you.

You can afford probably afford it

Many people cite expense as being a concern when they decide to get a new mattress. Fortunately, sleep stores recognize this and the best ones even provide financing, with easy terms and modest payments. Because of this, a high quality, comfortable bed is within reach of almost everyone.


A superior sleep stores offer free delivery, which means you don’t have to rent a truck and squash the new bed into a rental vehicle which may or may not be clean. Some stores also offer free setup and free haul away of the old mattress, which leaves you with the task of enjoying your new bed.

Try before you buy

It’s slightly comedic to walk into a bed store and see various customers trying out beds all over the store, but this is truly the only way to tell how sleeping on a bed is going to feel.Since comfort is essential, trying the bed isn’t an option anyone should skip. But, don’t worry, everyone else will be testing the beds, too. It’s fun!

Choices, choices, choices.

One caveat

Some less-than-aboveboard outfits will take old mattresses and slap a new cover and plastic on an old mattress, then sell it as brand-new on local shop sites.  If you buy a new mattress from anywhere, be certain the source is reliable, and you can try the mattress before you purchase it.

You get to make all of the choices

In the case of a bed, the more choices you get to make, the better it will suit your needs. The options start with size, depending on how many people will be sleeping in the bed and the size of the room. Then, a buyer can choose what they want, such as a particular brand, material, and price range. The people in bed stores have an almost encyclopedic grasp of the various options and are willing to share their knowledge with the customer.

A Warranty

A warranty is a bed manufacturer’s promise that they will back the quality of their product. Of course, a warranty from a well-established, high-end mattress company is best. If there is a problem with the bed, the owner is entitled to have some form of recourse, which is where the warranty applies.
Warranty guidelines also offer an excellent set of directives in the care, treatment, and use of a new mattress. These are for the protection and understanding of both parties, so there aren’t any misunderstandings.

If you’re looking for a new mattress, or want to learn more about our financing options or product line, call us at our Biltmore store 602-912-4000 or our Paradise Valley Mall store 602-494-4000. We offer free delivery, free installation, free haul away of the old bed, and a free mattress protector.

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